Thursday, October 6, 2016

Direct to paper Water scene

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Hello lovelies! Today I have another direct to paper tutorial for you ( Inspired by Zindorf). Like the last tutorial this one uses Tim Holtz distress inks that you can find in the store at Firefly Crafts

Step 1:  
Rub your ink pad along the top of your paper. Reminder: I use smooth cardstock as it is easier to run ink over).  This one is Mustard seed but you can use any yellow. 

Step 2: 
I used broken China and ran along the bottom half of my paper . It is ok to leave some white areas and ideally you want some so it looks like waves. 

Step 3:
I used Mowed lawn green in a sweeping motion upward from bottom so it looks like grass

step 4: 
I used Vintage photo on the corner because I thought it would look like an island but it did not. Haha . You can either do this step or skip 

Step 5:
I used black soot to ink up my flowers and stamp on bottom. You can use whatever stamps you want for this or leave it as just the water. 

Step 6: 
I used both Candied Apple and Abandoned Coral and added some streaks to the sky. 

Step 7: 
Finish card as Desired
I added some birds with a black tip pen and added a sentiment from the Honey Bee Set Thankful. 

Get your Inks here: 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Direct to paper Tutorials

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Hi everyone! How are you liking this World Card Making Day celebration at Firefly Crafts? One thing I love about Firefly Crafts is Debbie our mama Firefly carries ALL the Tim Holtz distress ink pads. Every color!! How cool is that?

Today I am going to show you how to use some of these ink pads to create amazing backgrounds or..gasp..wood grain. In this tutorial I use the mini ink pads but you can use the large ones just the same. So lets get this party started shall we? 

This is the finished scene I did

Step one: 
I prefer to use a really smooth paper because it helps glide the ink pads across it. For this demo I used Marker paper. I started with the Mustard Seed Pad and just rubbed it directly on the paper where I wanted the Sun to be.

Step Two: 
Rub the Carved Pumpkin Ink pad above and below the first one

Step 3:
Use the Abandoned Coral ink around where you want some sunset looking pink

Step 4: 
Use the Candied Apple ink to give your sunset that deep red color

Step 5: 
Next take the Tumbled Glass ink pad and color in the rest of the sky. At any point while doing these colors you can use a finger or cotton ball to blend areas if you would like.

Step 6: 
Use the stormy sky to add more color to your sky

Step 7:
Stamp whatever image you would like on the scene. I used a Motorcycle and then colored it in to leave a silhouette. 

Step 8:
USe the black soot to color in from the bottom of your stamped image to edge of paper

Step 9: 

Finish Card as desired! This techqnique can be used for many things from skys to oceans or WOOD like I show you below. 

I always look in craft stores for wood grain paper. I am a bit obsessed with it. Maybe because I can hardly ever find it or when I do find it the print is too large for cards ( must be made for scrapbooks). So when I saw a tutorial awhile back on making your own I was so excited. Here is how you can make your own too!

Step 1: 
Draw lines on paper using glue. The lines should be going whichever way you want the grain to go. I again used smooth paper for this. Once you are done doing your lines let the glue dry. 

Step 2:
Once glue has dried flip paper over so glue is facing down and score lines however wide you want your "boards" to be . This paper is 4"x 5 1/4" and I scored it every half inch. 

Step 3:
Flip paper back over and rub the Antique Linen pad over entire piece

Step 4: 
Repeat with Rusty Hinge and Weathered wood pads

Step 5: 
Finish Card as desired.

I hope you have enjoyed these tutorials and will run over to Firefly Crafts to get some of these adorable ink pads. 


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