Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Posted by Lena Nunn at 12:01 PM
Over the weekend I was looking on Pinterest for hours ( oh, don't shake your head you know you do it too) and I saw a card that inspired me .
 Pinned Image
Isn't this gorgeous? I think so! So I made my own ( that doesn't even belong on the same screen as the original). I love the colors, the ribbon, the stamps , the embossing. I just love the whole thing. Thank you for INKspiring me. The other day I went for a walk ( Now down to 227. whoo hooo) and I took a pic of this gate I saw on my walk. Its so pretty. Its hard to see in the pics but there is grape vines over it and there was clusters of purple grapes hanging down . I love it!


Angie said...

Your card is gorgeous!!!! You are inspiring me to get out my die and make something similar!!! I have only embossed once and that was for a VSN this spring, I think! Your card is fabulous!!! yeah, I love pinterest!

Davi said...

Lena your card is gorgeous!! I love the soft colors, very vintage ;) That is one cool gate!

Ellen said...

Both cards are stunning! Thanks for the inspiration! Pinterest is so addictive!!

Patti said...

Lovely card Lena. So happy to hear you are making progressing dropping those "fluffy" pounds. Keep up the good work.


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