Friday, June 15, 2012

Im having a party and your all invited!!!

Posted by Lena Nunn at 12:02 PM
Hi friends! If you didnt know this about me I must not be posting enough about myself but I am a purseaholic and an organization freak. I looovvvee bags. I have about 5 of them ( hey I guess thats not bad right?) . My cousin just started selling Thirty -One so Im doing a 31 party (they sell purses and bags)and your all invited!  The bags can be used to store all your craft stuff and can get you organized. There is one that even will hold your cricut. And the best part is its online so you dont have to clear your schedule. Check out all the cool bags they have for organizing, purses, lunches etc. They can even be Monogramed. My party is open until the 18th so you can shop until then!!! Help me earn free stuff haha. Thank you!!! You can click here to shop . And for the June special: for every $35 you spend you can get a large utility tote for only $10!!!!Isnt this adorable?


Amanda Corbet said...

I think I ordered on your party. I clicked on the shop button above. But I didn't receive any sort of confirmation e-mail. So I just wanted to make sure it was processed right. It would be under Amanda Corbet and entered online. Please let me know. Thanks.

Kazza said...

great cards on your blog, I shall visit often :)
I am now following you from SC and I would love you to follow me too.

A friend of mine is a 31 consultant, I so wish they would bring it to the uk


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