Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Organization to " die" for

Posted by Lena Nunn at 11:20 AM
Hi friends! I wanted to make a quick post ( from work..shhhhh) today on something I did last night . Organizing my nestabilities. I only have 4 sets of them but Im an organizing nut haha. I took old cd cases and put magnets in them ( magnet strips found at Michaels) . I then just sat the nesties on the magnets and voila! Organized. I can then just line these up on the shelf . So much better then them all lose in a drawer where I had to dig for the one I wanted . Now tonight im going to organize a much bigger problem . MY SCRAPS OF PAPER. Insert scary movie song here. Wish me luck


Divinity said...

this is a great idea! good luck with your paper scraps! that's always a big problem when it comes to trying to organize them! ;)


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