Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CPS 5th Anniversary Day 8

Posted by Lena Nunn at 2:38 PM
Hello Friends! Its CPS 5th Anniversary Day 8 so I decided to do some more of their sketches to pass some time. I got this adorable stamp from my bestest pal Jammie . We have called each other pal for the longest time. I really don't remember how it started but it stuck . Even if we are having a very seriouse conversation we call each other that. I covered up the word friends with the word pal so I could send her this card. Love it!!! Oh yeah and shes a big fan of polka dots so I added some of them too.


Lori Craig said...

Sweet! Those little girls are darling! Thanks for playing the CPS Sketches!

Jammie said...

Fan? humm.... that's putting it lightly.... if I didn't think i'd look like a freak, i'd tattoo polka dots all over me! hahahahah ok, that's extreme, but you get what i'm sayin'!
LOVE this card, love our skinneyness in that photo of us you put on it! hahahah and Pal, i love you the mostest! (I sound like an English major huh?)
oh and FYI, "Pal" started waaaaayyyyy back in Junior high!


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