Monday, July 18, 2011

Yard sale finds!

Posted by Lena Nunn at 11:46 AM
I love yard sales that have stamps!! I don't know if you know this but I work at a newspaper , and on Friday my friend who works in classifieds told me about a yard sale that said they were having stamps. whoo hoo!!! Saturday morning I dragged Tony out of bed and to the address ( I wanted to be there first thing so I didn't have to fight anyone for sets hahaha. When we got there the lady was unpacking the stuff and didnt have any sets out yet so I was looking at baby clothes and Tony was chatting with her and people were coming in. I have trained Tony to have an eye for stamp deals so when the lady pulled the Stampin' Up! Color caddy out of the box he took it right then and told her he wanted it. It had 25 stamp pads , some refills and some stamps on the top!!! He came and told me she said $10 for it and I was so excited but I told him that was probably without the stamp pads because most of them were sealed still. By then she had some stamp sets out and we took a look and snagged this one . Its called all aboard and its collectable!! The stamps look like they have never been used. Anyways we
went up to pay and the lady told us $10.50 for everything !!!! Score!!! I dont know who was happier me or Tony ( probably because he knew my stamp pads would not be all over the desk anymore). I got home and looked at the colors and there was the whole 2007 in color collection , still sealed. I finally got my buckaroo blue! Anyone else find awesome deals like this at yard sales?


Lori Ingebritson said...

awesome find! My hubby and I were at a yard sale and I was ready to leave not seeing anything worth buying. He pulled me back in and asked why I didn't want to look at the stampin up sets! I bought 3 and would never have found them without him. Great husbands! And he just drug home a bookcase from a sale and told me he thought I needed more storage! LOL

Cole Meyer said...

Great find! "Excellent job" to you and Tony.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh wow Lena - what a score!! I just saw that stamp set on EBay in the USA for $70.95 as a Buy it Now price! Good for you! And all those stamp pads - WOW - and the caddy. I have never had a find like this! It's one of those "being at the right place, at the right time" scenarios!!

My DH did win a competition a little while ago from buying a raffle ticket at a local store and won a widescreen TV which was awesome. He even got his picture in the local paper with the Store Manager! We were so excited when the TV rolled up at our front door in a huge box delivered by the courier - until we opened up the box and got out the remote control and all the little buttons were in Chinese - no English - as were the buttons on the front of the TV! We did see the funny side I suppose! We rang up the local store and ever so nicely asked if they could somehow acquire an English remote control for the TV - which eventually arrived in a little box accompanied by an instruction manual in - yep, you guessed it: Chinese! I kid you not!! ROTFL! And the TV didn't come up with any mounts so we had to lean it up against the wall until we got some mounts made for it ourselves at our expense of course! Waaaaaah! We laugh about it now...well, at least we got a TV!

Have a great day Lena - I bet you are still celebrating your super-bargain. {{hugs}} and thanks for stopping by my blog too and leaving some love.


Claudia said...

WOW what and incredible find, and it couldn't have happened to a better person,, :0) have great fun using all those different inks.. :)
Claudia W.

Queenie Jeannie said...

WOWIE!!! You sooooo scored!! That train set is worth a TON on ebay!!! And the color caddy is worth $35 without pads! Great job!

Carol (Gingerbeary8) said...

How cool Lena. You made a big score on the pads and I love that stamp. I have been to a stamping yard sale before but never got anything as awesome as this!

Bear Hugs,

P.S.-I sent you an email about those flowers on my blog.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

WOW... you did score on this one.. I am not much of a stamper.. but might be if I scored like that. Way to go Tony. I told Everett that someone from Potter posted on my blog and you had a butterfly farm and he right away said he knew you.. and your dad, Jerry. Small small world..


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