Friday, July 15, 2011

Im from the country and I like it that way...

Posted by Lena Nunn at 12:06 PM
Happy Friday Friends!!! This morning my friend Emily and I were talking about people who deny their roots. People who are from the country but claim not to be "hicks". Im sorry but if your from a small little town in the country, your a hick. Pure and simple. Nothing bad about that. I'm from the country. I love that I was raised in a small little town where everyone knows everyone and kids are taught about hard work and morals. Maybe Im just strange that way...
Anyways... what got us on this topic is I made this card last night for 365 Cards challenge ( Scallops, Sponging and Stitching ). This card is sooo me. I love the kraft paper ( of course!) , I love the distressing and I love the vintage pinup cowgirl. Its so Hick and so me . hahaha



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