Thursday, July 28, 2011

Easy peasy lemon

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Yippee I finally got a big shot again!!! For those of you who missed the post, about a year ago Tony was wanting to use the big shot . I had my back turned and he asked if you had to push on it to get it to go through. Well yeah sometimes if your paper sandwhich is thick you have to push slightly on it to get it to start going. Well Tony took this as put all your weight into this push and well..It broke all the teeth in the big shot!! he felt really bad and swore he would buy me another one but since times have been so hard I havnt had one for a year. Well last weekend Tony said he wanted to go to Mikes so I could pick up more glue and so I go running over to check out new stamps and leave him to go get it. I find him later in line with a big shot. I tell him we dont have money for it, he tells me he does and insist ( I admit I didnt put up much of a fight). So anyways I ran home and unwrapped my new toy. I
Add Imagemade this tea folder first thing. You can make one of these by folding a piece of paper in half and putting it on your top note but not all the way to the edge. Then when you open it will look like this. Then I just used the scallop envelope die and made two pockets for inside . Easy peasy lemon

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Splash of Color

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Hi friends! Sorry I havnt posted much lately but I've had company over ( my Step son, his wife and baby) so Ive been busy playing with the baby. Isn't she cute?
I did do the The Play Date Cafe Challenge which was to use just a splash of color. I made this patriotic card using just black , white and red. I love the end result!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yard sale finds!

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I love yard sales that have stamps!! I don't know if you know this but I work at a newspaper , and on Friday my friend who works in classifieds told me about a yard sale that said they were having stamps. whoo hoo!!! Saturday morning I dragged Tony out of bed and to the address ( I wanted to be there first thing so I didn't have to fight anyone for sets hahaha. When we got there the lady was unpacking the stuff and didnt have any sets out yet so I was looking at baby clothes and Tony was chatting with her and people were coming in. I have trained Tony to have an eye for stamp deals so when the lady pulled the Stampin' Up! Color caddy out of the box he took it right then and told her he wanted it. It had 25 stamp pads , some refills and some stamps on the top!!! He came and told me she said $10 for it and I was so excited but I told him that was probably without the stamp pads because most of them were sealed still. By then she had some stamp sets out and we took a look and snagged this one . Its called all aboard and its collectable!! The stamps look like they have never been used. Anyways we
went up to pay and the lady told us $10.50 for everything !!!! Score!!! I dont know who was happier me or Tony ( probably because he knew my stamp pads would not be all over the desk anymore). I got home and looked at the colors and there was the whole 2007 in color collection , still sealed. I finally got my buckaroo blue! Anyone else find awesome deals like this at yard sales?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Stamps for Trade Or sale

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Sorry I didnt get this up yesterday but I forgot names on most of them hahah. These are the stamps I want to trade or sale. These trades dont have to be Stampin' Up! as I am no longer a demo. Make suggestions. Show me what ya got!!! I love all stamps so im open minded. All stamps have been used so some of the wood ones might have some staining. You can email me here

cm - clear mount

Im from the country and I like it that way...

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Happy Friday Friends!!! This morning my friend Emily and I were talking about people who deny their roots. People who are from the country but claim not to be "hicks". Im sorry but if your from a small little town in the country, your a hick. Pure and simple. Nothing bad about that. I'm from the country. I love that I was raised in a small little town where everyone knows everyone and kids are taught about hard work and morals. Maybe Im just strange that way...
Anyways... what got us on this topic is I made this card last night for 365 Cards challenge ( Scallops, Sponging and Stitching ). This card is sooo me. I love the kraft paper ( of course!) , I love the distressing and I love the vintage pinup cowgirl. Its so Hick and so me . hahaha

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fringe, Chipboard and DP

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I actually did a challenge last night. Granted it was a fast one. This was for the 365 Cards challenge of using Fringe, Chipboard and patterned paper! I got this stamp set in the mail yesterday. I swapped it for Cheap talk!Got any stamps you want to swap? I'll be posting a list shortly of ones I would love to trade or sale. I love all brands so I'm open for suggestions. Check back here later !

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stinkin Cute Award

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I just recieved this award from the very sweet Claudia over at My creative corner! Thanks sweetie! Now whenever you get a blog award your supposed to pass it on so these are the ones I think are stinkin cute :

These are just a few of the blogs I read every morning. Wish I could list them all. Thank you everyone for inspiring me every day.

Best distress

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I know some of you are back here looking for the paper bead tutorial and I promise I will post one sometime in the next week. My Batteries on my camera are dead and although usually I take all my pics with my phone I think clearer camera pics would be better for a tutorial. I did however make this card for the challenge over at Cards For Men the theme was to do a wild west card. I just got this set ( ive wanted it forever and scored it for $4.00 ! Go Me!!! Fist pump) so I wanted to ink it up. This is a super simple card that just uses a lot of distressing . Ive tried a lot of things for distressing until I found this
little gadget at Beverlys for $1.49. I got mine two years ago and its still going strong. All you do is run it along the edges of the paper and the blade distresses. How cool is that? Speaking of cool I hope you all are staying inside keeping cool. Its been HOT here!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shrinky Broads

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Jammie challenged me the other day to do the Greeting Farm Challenge which was a abc . Anything but a card. I received a key chain about two months ago from my sweet step daughter that used letters like these and the white beads like these. Since I had some of these beads myself from a kit I had I decided to snag her idea and make a bracelet. See those black and white beads? Those are my new hobby. PAPER BEADS! I've been using my scraps to make paper beads! Check back here tomorrow for a tutorial ! The girls were made by stamping on Shrink Plastic and then heating ( shrinking ) down with a heat gun. Love how this turned out! What Jammie forgot to mention to me was because this was a throwback challenge I can't use the cheeky shooter so I guess this is just going in the regular gallery.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hotter than __________!

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Its hotter than h- e- double hockey sticks here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys are all surviving this heat. I hate it. I really am a fall/winter girl. Lets face it, sweaters are so much more flattering than tank tops and swim suits. Seriously I'm melting. My craft table is upstairs in our house in our bedroom and when I come home from work its over 90 degrees in there!!!! I have to open the windows and turn on all the fans just to be able to stamp . I did get these cards done the other day when I woke up early and decided to beat the heat. The top one is a birthday card ( obviously) and the bottom one is a anniversary card. I love the background paper I used for this. I got it in a K &company mat stack pad at Ross ( yes Ross) for $2.99!!!! Its textured too. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
The flowers are from a K and Company pad of punch out flowers I got at Michaels ( the happiest place on earth) .

Long neck card

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Here is another giraffe card I made for someone. I love this little guy I got in a digi kit. I also used my newest punch ( which is kind of old now) which was a a recollections brand to do along the edge of the purple paper ( her favorite color) . I love how this turned out .

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