Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does life end after blackberry?

Posted by Lena Nunn at 11:08 AM
Is it normal to be so attatched to a phone? Let me clarify . I used to be a person who never used a cell phone. I had one in case of emergencys but I could care less about the ringtone , wallpaper etc. Then I got me a blackberry. Hellloooo lovveerrr! Im so attached to this thing its scary. On Thursday night I was getting ready to post to my blog using email on my darling bb when all of the sudden the email stopped working. I could still go to browser on phone and use it but it wasnt delievering messeges straight to little envelope Icon. Those of you who have smartphone know what Im talking about right? Well I was gonna give it a couple days and restarts to see if it started working. By Friday I was panicked ( notice I said couple days and it had only been one?!?) . So I looked it up online and did every tutorial, troubleshooting, user suggestion known to man and woman. No luck. So Monday morning I went down to my carrier during lunch with darling bb in hand. They told me they would be with me in 10 minutes. It was an hour. Then when I finally gave them phone they said they were gonna try update and to come back in 25 minutes. I came back in 3 hours and she said it didnt work. So at 5:00 I went in and was at my carried until 8:15 !!!!!!!! They put us on to customer support, blackberry , than rim when they couldnt figure it out. Finally the sales lady who was helping me ( who was the best customer service person Ive ever seen ) broke down in tears and kept appologizing. She stayed after hours and was supposed to go on buisness trip at 4 am and she still stayed there !!! Anyways after 4 hours total of trying to fix it she talked to them about getting me new blackberry phone and they said no until she was crying saying id been there 4 hours with no solution. So im getting a new bb tommorow free of charge. Would anyone else sit in an office for 4 hours for a phone??? I like to say I did it so I could post on here from my phone but really I did it because I just love being able to check my email, weather, SF Giants stats and yes , facebook from anywhere . For those of you who say I should drop blackberry....well thats just crazy talk !!! This is the first time ive had a problem.
Ok i'm done back to the cards. I made this card ( yeah that one waaayyy up there above all the phone talk) for the 365 cards Challenge which was to make a card using the word Hat as inspiration. I love this Sparkle Creation stamp I have and shes wearing a helmet so Im takin that as a hat. hahaha

P.S . For those who were wondering about the sales lady at Phone carrier I asked her when she would be back from her business trip so I can take her flowers and maybe card and starbucks gift certificate. She rocked!!



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