Monday, January 10, 2011

I for sure like making cards with you!

Posted by Lena Nunn at 9:16 AM
Emily came over on Saturday and made cards with me (what can I say? we're like peas and carrots) . We had so much fun doing cards and then Tony made us a yummy dinner ( Fajitas) and drinks ( Gin fizzes) and we played Yatzee! Actually I got slaughtered at Yatzee ( really?!? who gets three yatzees in one game? EMILY does!!!).

This is one of the cards I did. I lovvveee how this lil ( ok big) band-aid turned out and it was so easy using the dots embossing folder. Can't wait to play again Emily !!


Emily Ann said...

i LOVE this card. even if tony doesnt agree with the dots in the middle! whatever, we were soooo right. :)

We need to get together again soon! So we can make more cards, and eat snacks and of course play more squence and yahtzee!

I wonder what this would look like if you flipped the dots, so the embossed part was on the bottom... would it still look as cool?



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