Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday Countdown to Christmas

Posted by Lena Nunn at 10:43 AM
15 Pounds in 23 days!
I know I havnt been much Inspiration lately with this thin thing. I need some more motivation (besides being motivated to eat another cookie ) . I want to lose 15 pounds by Christmas and fit into my new Farm Girl Jeans. Ok ok they are not new . Ive had them about 6 months but since I have yet to get my fat butt into them they are new to me!!!
This means I have 23 days to lost 15 lbs. I dont want to feel deprived of all the goodies holidays bring so I need to get back to portions and walk and excercise more . In case your wondering what my weight was today... 219 so im up some from last post. Damn you holiday food!


Emily Ann said...

You need to get your rear in gear on that BL game your dad got you! That should motivate you right? Shit, Jillian Michaels would scare me even in video game form to get back to working out.

Anonymous said...

Join Weight Watchers. There is a new program and it is awesome. I am a lifetime member and have been on and off for years. Just do it.

Dawn Mercedes said...

so, how much can I lose in a week before the cruise?? lol

Jammie said...

You can do it Pal! I have faith in you... all of this "walk for me" shit has got to change!!! hahahah YOU walk for YOURSELF!!! Bundle up and walk on your lunch breaks... I know it's cold there, but think "It's not as cold as it is in Idaho!!" The faster you walk, the warmer you get! ha ha ha Let's get back in gear... wanna re-instate our BL weekly challenge? I card for the winner each week! What do ya say?

thin_is_beautiful said...

Don't worry, i always gain a bit during the holidays! YOU CAN DO IT!! i'm trying to lose weight for christmas too because i bought this knitted dress from Republic that i'm going to wear to the party!!

P.S Follow my blog please ♥ and good luck Xxx


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