Saturday, December 25, 2010

Above the clouds

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Were spending christmas in lookout california. This is where we stopped right before we got to jimmys house. Pretty amazing up here
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Its my birthday month!

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I never make birthday cards! Weird I know , since its usually the most popular thing to give a card for but I dont have many birthday stamps ( gasp!) . I used Emily's ( hi Love) Bakebella ( name?) for this card. I just got some Kraft cardstock from my pal Jammie so I wanted to use it. I love how this simple card turned out. Wait! Hold it! I just noticed her shoes are not colored!!! We can't have no white boots on her. This is not the 80's!!!

Can I get a drink Please?

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I dont usually drink but these last few weeks I felt like maybe I needed a drink or two to deal with things. Instead though I just made a card using drinks ( works better for me to realieve stress then the actual drinks themselves). I used Emily's Cosmobella for this card. I Love her , shes so stinkin cute!

Knitted Pants Ski girl

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I had a great weekend this weekend. Two of my friends ( Hi Emily and Molly) came over to stamps and make Christmas cards (since Im way behind.

This stamp is from In style Stamps ( I won her in a card contest) . I lovvvveee her. She is so fun for winter cards and for paper piecing. I found these sweater looking cards in a dollar bin at Mikes. Since they were so cheap I used one to cut up for her hat and pants ( I know, I know, who wears knitted pants?!?) but I love the way she turned out! The giant snowflake is actually a fleaur de lis die I got from the amazing Marie ( hi love!)

Top Note Scene

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In order to make this winter scene I brayers not quite navy on a top note ( all the way down) . I then stamped the trees from Lovely as a tree in Not quite Navy and silver . The snow was made by taking another top note and tearing it . I then glued the bottom part on the brayered top note. The santa and sleigh were stamped using Basic black. The snowflake is a Stampin' Up! Punch.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Candles for wedding

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I ment to post these awhile back but I forgot. My cousin Jammie does wedding cordinations and catering (and mail order goodies) so I made these candles for a wedding she was putting together. Doesn't these jars that she put them in look amazing?? Go check out her site for Yummies!

I've been challenged!!

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I was talking to my awesome friend Emily last night and she threw me a challenge!! I never back down from a stampin challenge ( well ok there is a few that I didnt want to attempt) so I got right to work. The challenge was to use bright neon colors or to make your own animal print. Now I may be creative as far as stamping but I can not draw to save my life so I went with the bright colors! Emily ( hi love!) gave me this Bella image awhile ago so I wanted to use it ( because I have about 50 bella's stamped out that shes givin me ). Wanna do this challenge? We would love to see it!

P.S Go check out Emilys blog! She rocks!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday Countdown to Christmas

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15 Pounds in 23 days!
I know I havnt been much Inspiration lately with this thin thing. I need some more motivation (besides being motivated to eat another cookie ) . I want to lose 15 pounds by Christmas and fit into my new Farm Girl Jeans. Ok ok they are not new . Ive had them about 6 months but since I have yet to get my fat butt into them they are new to me!!!
This means I have 23 days to lost 15 lbs. I dont want to feel deprived of all the goodies holidays bring so I need to get back to portions and walk and excercise more . In case your wondering what my weight was today... 219 so im up some from last post. Damn you holiday food!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Diaper Cake for Amanda and Aaron

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I know its been awhile since Ive posted anything Ive made so I decided to put this on here. I made this diaper cake last weekend for my friends Amanda and Aaron . They are a couple who had a co-ed baby shower. I love making these diaper cakes as they are simple and usually get lots of aawws and wows. This cake was made of about 70 diapers, 4 blankets, 12 washcloths, 1 bottle , 2 binkies, 2 rattles , and one duckie. It took me and Dani about an hour to make once we had a plan. This is my second one Ive made and I love the results!
Oh yeah and they loved it too!!!


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