Thursday, October 21, 2010

Im not so good with the man cards

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My mom called me yesterday and asked me to make a "man" can for my parents friend James. This usually stumps me, ESPECIALLY if I don't know the man and what he likes. I figured most men like nature and wolves and coyotes ( I have no idea which one this is supposed to be) so I decided to use this Nature Silhouettes set. I Used my markers and an aqua pen on watercolor paper for the background and then stamped the tree and wolf/coyote with stazon. This was a perfect timeing card too because the challenge over at OWH is masculine cards. Go check it out!! Hope James likes this..

Thinspiration thursday

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I'm not so inspiring today :( I gained two pounds. My cousin Jammie and I were talking the other day and I told her I was practically naked so she sent me clothes in the mail (isnt that sweet???) and I was modeling them for her . This shirt doesnt fit yet so its the perfect picture for on here. I like how it says GIANT above supergirl because thats how I feel . I think I will start taking my picture each week in this shirt so you can see if it gets looser or tighter, hopefully looser. I think I need to set goals for myself each week like "next week I will try to be down to 215" . We shall see how that goes. Did you notice my lil girl running on the side of my blog? Shes a weight tracker and shes getting damn tired of running back in forth instead of just to the finish line!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Stampin' Write Markers are my new best friend...well almost

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I have been a demo for over two years now and I have just discovered Stampin' Write Markers. Where have I been right?!? I just love em!! The other day I got 9 new markers ( hey i'm takin baby steps to get the whole set) so I wanted to color in this image and make a birthday card from my list ( my friend gives me a list and I make all her birthday, anniversary cards for the year). I hope Maxine loves this card as much as I do !

Can I get some privacy please?

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I would love to take credit for this idea but I can't. My friend Emily ( who rocks my socks with her creativity) recieved this card from her secret sister from scs. Now since these sisters are still secret I can't give credit to the lady who thought of this darling showe curtain idea. I promise when they are revieled I will post the ladys name :).

Friday, October 15, 2010

My dum dum plant

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My amazing friend Emily made me this dum dum plant! Isn't it adorable? She is so stinkin creative. Go check out her creations here! People at work keep asking if they can have a dum dum. What a "dum" question, NO you may not this has to stay pretty. Haha
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday

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217! 217! 217!! Im down 10! Yahoo!!! Happy Dance!! Only 90 more to go hahah.
Tony took this picture of me and he loves it . I have to admit my face doesnt look all that bad but the little part of my arm you can see..gross-o! I'd defiantly gonna have to do some weights to get those things in shape. Now if I can stay away from too many candy corns this week ill be doing good ( I can't eliminate them completly or ill feel deprived!) Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails and supporting me . You guys are great!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Im not a loser, but that doesn't make me a winner!

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I confess I went to Applebees this week ! Yeah I had salad but I think there was fat hidden in my lettuce and grilled chicken !!! I didn't lost anything this week which I guess shouldnt suprise me because I didn't put out the work needed either . I didn't walk ( or run for that matter) and I didn't eat three meals a day. I used to always wonder why Im not skinny when I dont eat breakfast and hardly ever lunch. THATS WHY!! You need three meals a day ( balanced ones of course). Instead I would not eat breakfast and lunch and then at night your starving so you eat the whole kitchen. Yeah thats me. Im bad at it. So this week I will try to eat more meals and move more. One thing I have found that I love is taking a yougurt and throwing it in freezer over night. Then I pack it in my bag for work and by 8:30 its like frozen yogurt . Yum!!!!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sketch Challenge

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Talk about waiting for the last minute to do a sketch!!

Today is the deadline for the In Style Stamps sketch so I made this card last night. I love this image ( who am I kidding I love all their images) she looks so embarrased to be caught changing wings . I colored her in using watercolor pencils and a blender pen.


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