Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday Week 4

Posted by Lena Nunn at 10:44 AM

I was really dreading weigh in today. I didnt excercise nearly as much as I should have and I skipped meals ( which is super bad for you) . In fact I think the only good thing I did this week was drinks lots of water!!! Lots and lots! Even during work ( and if you have tasted the water from my work you would understand why this is not an easy task). So when my alarm rang this morning my first thought was NO!!! I'll just tell the blogging world that I forgot to weigh. Yeah thats it...I'll skip a week..They wont notice. Then when I got out of bed I thought of the reason why im doing this on here in the first place . To inspire people. To learn myself. Im going to have ups and downs before its over I mean im only 4 weeks in. So I waddled over ( hey I can say that if its about me!) and tapped the scale with my toe (hopeing that it was dead since it runs on batteries) and the lines flashed across screen (ive never hated Energizer batteries more then that moment) . The scale flashed to zero which means its prepared itself for the abuse im about to put on it . I stepped on and looked down . It displayed 219 on the screen (never have I loved engergizer batteries more) . 219!!! But how? Why? The only thing I can think of is its all the water Ive been drinking and maybe its starting to flush my fat out. On that thought I got off scale ran downstairs and drank another big glass....

P.S This pic was taken of Tony and I at a friends house when we were playing Jenga . I love this pic because you can see how happy we are . You can also see all my chins. hahah


Jammie said...

You are absolutely hillarious!!! You totally leave me in stitches whenever I read this, I just love you! Ha ha /reat job this week, hopefully it inspires you to keep up the good work and keep plugging along. The weight will keep comming off, and you'll be healthy soon!


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