Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday Week 3

Posted by Lena Nunn at 8:56 AM
Week 3
Ahhh week three..its been ...agrivating. I walked yesterday, drank tons of water, didn't pig out and when I weighed this morning I weighed 222. Yeah its still a loss but what the heck? I'm wanting to see like a 5 or a even a 3 would make me happy. I messed up I guess in the fact that everyone says only weigh once a week and I didn't listen. I weighed Wednesday morning and it was 221 , so when I weighed this morning and it was more it bummed me out. Was it the amount of water I drank? Too much? Not enough? Did my handful of pecans ( they were unsalted fresh ones yum-o) kill me? Was my walk not enough( I walked for an hour but then again I work in an office so im sitting for 8 hours a day at least)?
This is one of those very unflattering pics of me that I love and hate. I love it of the fact that its me and my fiance Tony ( isn't he cute?) . It was taken on a trip to my brothers house where we were stuck in the back seat for 6 hours. I hate the fact that you can see all my chins, not to mention my squishy cheeks. hahaha.
So my goal for this week.... move more, drink more water, only weigh once, resist more then a few candy corn ( damn you halloween for having those delicious lil orange yellow and white candies). And last but most importantly I wanna be out of the 220's ! Wish my luck!!


Mary Cavalier said...

The picture is great! Never mind the chins :-) You can drive yourself crazy trying to 'figure out' what you did wrong - concentrate on what you did right! You lost over all and that is a good thing.

helloholley said...

You look beautiful.....I sent you an email the other day...I hope you got it....We need to talk!!!Anyways, I gave you a blog award....come to my blog and get it!!

Jammie said...

Awww pal... say motivated.... pecans are a super duper great snack... so don't think that's bad... I hear you with the candy cork, I could eat it by the pound! But remember a pound of candy corn is like 5 of weight... so eat one or 2, layer by layer... hahahaha Keep taking me on virtual walks with you... and I'll keep trying to beat you to that 10 lb mark... hahaha We need some new stamsp, and that should be great motivation! ha ah ha Love ya lots! 200 lbs, watch out, Lena's breakin down your door!!!!


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