Thursday, September 30, 2010

Emily and I

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My friend Emily and I stamp together usually at least two times a week so when I got this stamp set I had to make a card for her . Her fav color is orange so I used lots of it ! All the paper used is Stampin' Up! I ran the white piece through the big shot with the lattice embossing folder . I then brayered Pacific Point ( the best color ever!!) on it . The girls were colored using a blender pen and ink pads. Its hard to see in pic but there is a longhorn logo on the girls shirt ( Emily is a BIG fan). Thanks for our "therapy" sessions Emily!!

Thinspiration Thursday Week 4

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I was really dreading weigh in today. I didnt excercise nearly as much as I should have and I skipped meals ( which is super bad for you) . In fact I think the only good thing I did this week was drinks lots of water!!! Lots and lots! Even during work ( and if you have tasted the water from my work you would understand why this is not an easy task). So when my alarm rang this morning my first thought was NO!!! I'll just tell the blogging world that I forgot to weigh. Yeah thats it...I'll skip a week..They wont notice. Then when I got out of bed I thought of the reason why im doing this on here in the first place . To inspire people. To learn myself. Im going to have ups and downs before its over I mean im only 4 weeks in. So I waddled over ( hey I can say that if its about me!) and tapped the scale with my toe (hopeing that it was dead since it runs on batteries) and the lines flashed across screen (ive never hated Energizer batteries more then that moment) . The scale flashed to zero which means its prepared itself for the abuse im about to put on it . I stepped on and looked down . It displayed 219 on the screen (never have I loved engergizer batteries more) . 219!!! But how? Why? The only thing I can think of is its all the water Ive been drinking and maybe its starting to flush my fat out. On that thought I got off scale ran downstairs and drank another big glass....

P.S This pic was taken of Tony and I at a friends house when we were playing Jenga . I love this pic because you can see how happy we are . You can also see all my chins. hahah

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Award From Holly

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I have met many people through the blogging world , including Holly ( the wonderful woman who gave me this award). Thank you Holly I appreciate it so much :)

Now the rules of this award are:

1. Accept the award. (Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award their blog link.)

2. Send it forward to other bloggers.

3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they’ve been chosen.

These are the blogs im awarding :

Holley's Hobbies ( Right back at her because I LOVE her blog!)

Bombshell Em's Artistic Expressions

Sweet Sentiment

Stampin With Lucia

Go check em out!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toria's card

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I love this new stamp I got! Its so fun to color! I made this card for Tony's daughter Toria . Hope she likes it . The image was watercolored using a aqua pen and stamp pads . Paper is SU DP in Brights.

Thinspiration Thursday Week 3

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Week 3
Ahhh week three..its been ...agrivating. I walked yesterday, drank tons of water, didn't pig out and when I weighed this morning I weighed 222. Yeah its still a loss but what the heck? I'm wanting to see like a 5 or a even a 3 would make me happy. I messed up I guess in the fact that everyone says only weigh once a week and I didn't listen. I weighed Wednesday morning and it was 221 , so when I weighed this morning and it was more it bummed me out. Was it the amount of water I drank? Too much? Not enough? Did my handful of pecans ( they were unsalted fresh ones yum-o) kill me? Was my walk not enough( I walked for an hour but then again I work in an office so im sitting for 8 hours a day at least)?
This is one of those very unflattering pics of me that I love and hate. I love it of the fact that its me and my fiance Tony ( isn't he cute?) . It was taken on a trip to my brothers house where we were stuck in the back seat for 6 hours. I hate the fact that you can see all my chins, not to mention my squishy cheeks. hahaha.
So my goal for this week.... move more, drink more water, only weigh once, resist more then a few candy corn ( damn you halloween for having those delicious lil orange yellow and white candies). And last but most importantly I wanna be out of the 220's ! Wish my luck!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orange Challenge

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I know this is a horrible picture but I sent this card out before I got a really good one (silly me , actually sending out the cards I make) . The other night Emily, Jammie and I decided to do a challenge of making a card with orange on it . I know this does'nt have a ton of orange but it works well enough! I CASED this from the wonderfully amazing Heather Klump . Hers blows mine away!This is the lovely as a tree set ( didnt I tell you in the last post to drop everything and go order it?!?) . Thanks ladies for stamping with me :) . Your cards rock!

Lovely As A Tree

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I was over at my friend Emilys house the other night and we were stamping and I started playing with this Lovely As A Tree set which I just got . If you do not have this set , drop everything (unless your holding a kid) and order it ..go on...its a must (preferably from me). This set is so versatile you can make cards from Christmas to Thinking Of you, to sympathy.
I stamped these trees on watercolor paper ( pick some of that up with the trees) with black stazon . I then used my aquapen and markers to color it in or "watercolor" it. I love the end result and this card is being sent to Tony's daughter.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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For those of you who don't know me personally, this is my Fiance Tony ( who is 38) new grandaughter ( his first grandkid). Tony has 6 kids , I have none but I love his like they were mine so this little cuttie will be considered my grandkid too ( even though I'm not 30 yet hahah). Isn't she darling with those big beautiful eyes?

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thinspiration Thursday Week 2

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What a week , week one was!! Todays weight is 224! Im down 2 pounds. I know thats not a whole lot but considering all ive done is cut down portions and move more its a good start! Ive also been drinking no soda which I think is probably the main thing . I usually drink at least one Pepsi a day ( either regular or diet) and considering it has 250 calories in a bottle for the regular thats alot!! This week Im going to start doing my biggest loser workout video ( if I can last more than 30 seconds of it).

So thats it. Eat Less . Move More. No Brainer. See ya next week!
P.S. Need more Thinspiration? Check out my friend Jammies Blog

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ive been slackin on challenges

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I made this card for the inspiratin challenge over at In Style Stamps. Im a HUGE fan!!!! This card sadly doesnt use one of their darling images ( because I didnt have a printer around to print any of the digis and my rubbers dont go with the theme) . I loooovvveee this card! I love this ribbon (and sadly this is the last of it I have) its very soft .

Snuggle up for season

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thinspiration thursday

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I've decided to add something new to my blog on Thursdays. It will be called Thinspiration Thursday . This picture sadly is of me. Im smiling but really im not happy ( how could I be with those arms?!?)

So I have decided to start working on my weight and posting it on here ( wouldnt you lose weight if 155 people where reading your weight?) Am I going on a fad diet? NO! Ive decided the only way I can do this is if I make lifestyle changes and better choices. I will eat what I want but only the recommended portion.

Its also time to excercise. My dad got me the Biggest Loser workout video for valentines day ( because I wanted it) and how many times has it been used? Once ( and that was by Tony). So Each week I will post my weight and a pic ( no matter how unflattering it may be). Ill also write about any thing Ive come across on my journey. Wish Me luck!

Why I want to lose weight:

1) So I can make it to see my step kids grow older and have families.

2) I have migraines ( bad ones) and Im starting to wonder if they are weight/ diet related

3) Im going to be 30 (gulp) in December and im always saying "someday when im thin" ( I know alot of you have probably said that too) but whens someday? Im thinking it should be now!!

4) I wanna look good in a tank top

5) Because I want to spend my life with my fiance and at this rate Ill probably have a massive heart attack by 40.

And the scary:

Todays Weight : 226

p.s. Id love to hear your Thinspiration stories if you have them

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