Friday, August 13, 2010

Candles and Lip balm projects

Posted by Lena Nunn at 8:20 AM
My cousin Jammie ( has a bakery and does wedding cordinating so she had me make these candles for a wedding she is doing . As you can see they are using lots of lighthouses. Super simple and super fun to make !!!

If you would like a candle with an image and name like these shown I make them for $15.00 each.

Arn't these candles stinkin cute? My little cousin is having a Jungle Safari birthday this year (his 4th) so his mom ( Jammie) is going to put these up ( since it will be mostly adults at party).

These are so homemade lip balms I made for my cousin. They are Raspberry lemonade and orange creamscicle flavor. Yum-O!



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