Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I want I want I need I need givme givme

Posted by Lena Nunn at 11:28 AM
I hope everyone had a excellent weekend! I was busy getting all the things done I havn't had time for ( and no I don't mean stamping , sadly ). I mean yard work . Tony and I cut up wood and stacked it and moved things and cleaned things. Hey, dont be sad for me I did actually get a few things done such as this:

This is a set ( 6 total) cards using the Elements of style set. I did them in different colors and packaged them in a clear envelope with a bag topper. Cute huh? I'm hopeing some of my friends will see them and say " I want I want I need I need , givme givme" and Ill sell them. haha

This is also something I made using the Elements of style set ( I just got the set so of course I had to use it 50 times). This lil mini soaps catty uses the box #2 die and was two boxes back to back. I then filled it with some mini soaps from bath and body works.

Well I have to get back to work now :(


Kath said...

Great idea on the soap caddy!

Emily Ann said...

the caddy is cute!! I LOVE IT! it would be good to put treats in too ;) LOVE YOU BESTIE!


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