Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new stamps means new cards!

Posted by Lena Nunn at 10:47 AM
I got new stamps on Wednesday but I never had a chance to play with them much since tony had his surgery and Ive been workin and takin care of him. So over the weekend I took some me time and got crafty!!

I got this bbq set at a store im not allowed to mention due to SU rules. Let me just tell you this was a BIG store and it had LOTS! of these one dollar sets. Awsome!!! I have friends that I havn't seen in about a month so I made this invite to invite them over for a weekend of R &R at the Ward Bed and Breakfast (thats what they call my house since I live in the boonies with a pond, wildlife , etc).

This same couple is also having a baby so I bought this set at that store not to be mentioned too!!
I got some new Stampin' Up! sets that I just had to use also. I made this card for the sprINKles challenge on FB that Emily posted ( use fruit on your card) . Believe it or not this is the only fruit I have in all my stamps! Gasp!!! Guess its a good thing I just got this set huh?
Every year I make thank you cards for the people who buy butterflies from my butterfly business. I was playing around with the Branch from the Cheap Talk set and the beautiful wings and came up with this. Simple, fast, uses my scraps up! Yeah I only need like 100 more and Im done. Hope you like these new additions!


Chanda Stehlik said...

Your cards are darling! TYFS!

chanda stehlik

p.s. following you!

Karen said...

I love your cards. Will be visiting often.

check out my blog


Shanda Stirk said...

Those are such cute cards! I love the butterflies on the last one - great idea!


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