Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blast From The Past!

Posted by Lena Nunn at 12:15 PM
I recently was reading some blogs I follow and got an idea from one of my favorites. Jan Tink posted some of her cards from the beginning of her stamping years on her blog (warning!! if you go over there you will be laughing as she is the funniest , most creative lady ever!!). This inspired me to do the same since Im often told " I cant do that like you, im not creative". This wasnt always the case as Im about you show you.....

This was my first card I ever made with my Stampin' Up! starter kit. Dont you just love the uneven edges and where is the ribbon and brads and all the other fun stuff???

See the crease in the bottom? I remember at the time I was really proud of this card!

Now that you have seen these wonderful blast from the past I must say the people who recieved these cards loved them just as much as the ones they get today . And actually I still think they are pretty darn cute !


Rose said...

LOL your so funny!! and your first cards are SO MUCH better than mine :)

Rose said...

thanks for the comment :) my first cards were 9 months ago so i do see great improvement!! thank goodness!! lol


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