Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Award to pass on!

Posted by Lena Nunn at 12:26 PM
I just found out I recieved this award from Fabric, Paper and Stamps...OH MY! back in May. I guess I missed that post. Anyways I would love to pass on this award too but first NOW I'm supposed to give you 10 ten, honest facts about me:
1) I hate artichokes
2) I have a passion for fishing (see its not just stamps!)
3) I have two dogs , scooby and Suna Tora
4) I live way up in the boonies
5) I own a butterfly farm www.sweetmemoriesbutterflyfarm.com
6) me and my fiance have been together 3 years
7) I LOVE iced tea
8) I love nascar
9) I love photography
10) im shy when I first meet someone

and now on to the awards.....
I would love to pass this award on to blogs I follow and LOVE , who inspire me everyday
Ink Me Baby One More Time!
Stamps, Paper, Scissors
The square headed Stamper
Scrappin Trackside

They are linked make sure to go check them out!


Tracey said...

omg! thankyou lena! im so glad i popped in here today! if u have looked at MY blog today, u will see I am having a BAD DAY! LOL! thanks for cheering me up! :)

Tracey said...

one more thing..im going to wait a day to post this....i need my 'vent' post to stay front and center for a day at least....LOL! thanks again!!!


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