Friday, March 6, 2009

Yummy Tutorial

Posted by Lena Nunn at 9:10 AM
Gather your items.
Things needed for this project are :
Paper Cutter
Decorative Paper
Glue (snail adhesive works best)
Ink Pad
Paper Crimper
Whisper white cardstock
Ribbon Of Choice
Embellishments Of choice
Yummy Stamp Set
(Spend $50.00 and get it for free)
and of course Kit Kats ( Or other candy bar)

First Lay your paper down with your candy in the middle. Make sure both sides can meet in the middle ( just like wrapping a Christmas Present).

Add Glue to sides (dont forget the inside) The picture above shows BEFORE I added the glue to the inside.

Once sides are glued line up one end in your crimper (right now I only have the small and the bigger one would have been so much easier)

Turn the handle until you reach the candy. Dont worry if your edges are long you can trim them later. Turn around and do other end.

Trim ends to whatever length you like. This is what it will look like.
Cut a length of ribbon that will fit around the belly of your candy and cluewhere ends meet . I like to meet them on the top side so your stamp will cover the seam.

It will now look like this.

Stamp your yummy stamp on the wisper white cardstock and cut around. Adhere to front.

add embellishments as you like. YOUR DONE!!! No you can make these for parties or friends or classroom events. Your only limited to your imagination.

Manly Version


Janette said...

Brilliant tutorial,thanks for sharing.x


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